Play Cafe @ D.Park

 Rules, Regulations & Responsibilities

Welcome to Play House Play Cafe @ D.Park. To ensure all guests can enjoy their time in Play Cafe @ D.Park, we have prepared the following rules, regulations and responsibilities. We hope that all guests will follow these rules, regulations and parent/guardian’s responsibilities while having fun in using all the facilities inside Play House.


  1. Each child must be admitted with an adult attendant (e.g. parent or guardian), and under the adult’s constant supervision during his/her time at Play House. Play House reserves the right to reject any children to admit without adult attendant.
  2. Play House is not a child care centre. Adult attendant will assume full responsibility and liability for their children while on the premises.
  3. Play House reserves the right to decline the admission of anyone who is considered of suffering from contagious diseases or sicknesses; or may cause possible danger, threats, or violence to others.
  4. Play House’s play equipment is of high quality design and manufacturing and our staff conduct regular check and maintenance. If you find any damages in our equipment, please report to our staff immediately. Play House will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from accident in Play House, including but not limited to any unsafe play and misuse of our toys and equipment.
  5. If you have any special medical conditions, before your admission, please consult medical professions about the suitability in using our equipment. Please notify our staff immediately when you require any assistance.
  1. To ensure the safety of all our guests, CCTV system has been installed to conduct surveillance 24-hours a day.

Dress code

  1. A valid hand band must be worn by guests entering our cafe area and playground area to signify their admission is legitimate. As it is free to re-enter the cafe area and playground area within the same timeslot, a valid and un-damaged hand band must be presented while re-entering.
  2. Guests must wear socks at all times inside play area. Socks are available for purchase at our reception.
  3. Casual or sports clothes are recommended for the guest’s own safety and comfort.  In particular, long pants are recommended if the guest intends to play on our slides.
  4. Dangerous objects (e.g. sharp objects on clothing or accessories, volatile and explosive objects), are prohibited. Play House reserves the rights to claim for any damage made to our play equipment and furnishings by such object(s).
  5. No shoes may be worn inside play area.

Food and beverages

  1. Outside drinks and food are not permitted to be brought into our play area except for milk, water, medicine or other items with the prior approval of Play House staff.
  2. When eating and drinking, please keep the play area clean.

Personal belongings

  1. Valuable accessories (such as jewelries) are not recommended. Guests are advised to mind their own belongings at all times. Play House will not be held liable for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property and belonging brought into our premises.

User behaviors

  1. The equipment in the play area is designed for children height under 1.3 meters, when adults using it will be accountable for their own risk. Play House will not be held liable for any injuries resulting from any adults using the equipment in Play House.
  2. Each child must under the adult attendant’s constant supervision during his/her time at Play House. Play House will not be held liable for any children injuries or accidents resulting from the negligence of adult attendant(s).
  3. Adults should educate and restrict their children from performing aggressive behaviors such as running, pushing, hitting others, throwing any objects or violating any other rules and regulations.
  4. Smoking & eating chewing gum are not allowed in Play House area.
  5. All height and age restriction imposed by the management must be adhered to.


  1. Birthday parties are allowed only with a valid party reservation.
  2. Play House reserves the right to close any ride or play area during trading hours for any reason, without notice or compensation. We will endeavor to inform you of a closure prior to a party only.
  3. Play House reserves the right to restrict play sessions. This will be communicated to guests before payment is taken on reception.
  4. Play House encourages children to play and explore in a safe and fun environment. As such, there are inherent risks that are always associated with children playing and having fun. Parents and guardians must recognize and accept this risk.
  5. Play House reserves the right to expel any persons from our premises at the sole discretion of Play House.



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